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From USA Today Bestselling author Ryan Armstrong -

World War II: A young Nazi guard stationed in a ghetto in Regensburg, Germany finds himself in a time and place that he hates.


He has never directly participated in the bloodletting but has done nothing to stop it. He wonders if his soul can be saved. He saves a Jewish girl’s life when ordered to murder her.


He refuses despite the consequences.


Perhaps the girl he saved can save him? Maybe she can be the key to his redemption and a light for his soul, to guide the way home.

After reading Love and Hate: In Nazi Germany read Sound of Resistance, further exploring the mind of Erich Beck.

Love and Hate: In Nazi Germany ebook

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  • This is a discounted ebook (from the usual $4.99) in epub format, readable on any smartdevice (smartphone, tablet, etc.).

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